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Since the title caught your attention, I would like to address a serious issue which is often neglected by many. GIRL-ON-GIRL HATE. As a teenager who attends school 5 days a week, I see many of my fellow female classmates just hating on other girls thinking it’s just “GOSSIP” and it’s “COOL” to do it.What they don’t realise is that it’s very off putting to see this happen and that they have no clue about what kind of struggles the girl they are gossiping about goes through every single day. Many people do this to make them feel better  about themselves, but while doing so they make someone else feel insecure,jealous and unimportant which clearly doesn’t help the cause.You never know , someday there could be other girls gossiping and spreading rumours about you and make you feel bad about yourself.As everyday passes, I see more friendships broken, more hate spread,more backbiting and the only thing that it does is make the path to unity longer.I myself have lost some of my good friends due to this issue. Yes,I know that people will say that we have bigger world problems to look after but what they don’t realise is that the first step to finding any solution is always unity. Once we unite, We can find solutions to the biggest of problems.SO, IF YOU OVERHEAR ANYONE DOING THIS PLEASE GO UP TO THEM AND TELL THEM THAT IT WONT HELP AND JUST LEAVE THEM A COMPLIMENT.TRUST ME, IT WILL MAKE THEIR DAY AND HOPEFULLY STOP THEM FROM DOING SO AGAIN.SPREAD #GIRLLOVE . THANK YOU 😃