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I have a feeling that you might be familiar with the title. Oh what am I saying! Of course you have heard this before from almost every single person you’ve talked to. Hmmm.. Let me guess your reply. Was it “I am FINE”? .Yes, it was… but did you ever really mean it? Take a second and think about it. The person you conversed with probably said the same thing. It feels like this line has been programmed in us.Why do I say that? Because no matter how much your heart in sinking you will always say “I am FINE”. Nowadays, all group chats also begin with “HOW IS EVERYONE” and and everyone’s hands move toward the alphabets F , I , N , E . Keeping all your worries, griefs to yourself with never help. Talk to someone whom you truly trust and at least you will feel like someone is by your side through the rough times. Most importantly , if you are aware of someone who is going through such a stage , TALK TO THEM, MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES, COMPLIMENT THEM. TRUST ME IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.ALL OF THIS ONLY ADDS UP TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US! THANK YOU 😃