There is a fine line between healthy criticism and trolling. Healthy criticism is good and it in fact is for the greater good of the person.Having different opinions is also great.Infact I believe everyone should have an opinion of their own.But just straight up trolling a person or group or ideology because you disagree with it is not good.I have seen people trolling other people’s facial or bodily features.Picking out someone else’s flaws and just rambling about it shows that you have no better work to do. So I suggest these people who think they have the right to call out someone for their outer appearance should just go and find something better and more productive to do.Maybe,it might make them realise that having flaws is totally normal and every single living being on planet earth has flaws so you aren’t doing anything unique by just pointing out flaws. All the posts on this blog are just my point of view towards certain things , So if you have a rather different opinion about something I respect it. I am not enforcing my view upon anyone.Thank You😃😊


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